Moni, or Monitronics, refuses to cancel service. They say they cannot, and that you will have to speak someone else, then dump you back into the cue. When you get to the "retention specialist" after 20 minutes of listening to their ads on hold, that person tries to...
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This is the hardest company I've ever tried to part company with. They act as if they are desperate for customers. I've been held hostage for two years. When I call to terminate my policy they give me some long drawn out stories about how crime has risen and they want...
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I've seen a couple of reviews on here and decided to leave one. When I bought my 1st house, it had a alarm system from Sears. I like the system, but as always, Sears did not provide the protection service, this was provided by Monitronics. Always responded quick if...
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Loyalty department Agent

I just want to say thank you so very much. I am a current employee in the cancellationsDepartment who was referred here by a customer stating it was a website directed to angr...

JD Powers: Before you believe this, you should know that companies have to pay for this claim, so it's bogus: J.D. Power awards are the gold standard for consumer ratings, and MONI Smart Security is proud to be recognized as "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home...
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I liked
  • Them 4 years ago
I didn't like
  • Them when my contract ended as easily identified as scam artists